What is Twitter Blue that everyone is talking about?

Twitter is one of the oldest social networks; It is very useful to inform us in a short time and follow the accounts that interest us the most. A new modality is about to be released, we will tell you what it is Twitter Blue and what are the exclusive features of the premium service of this social network.

what is Twitter Blue and how much does the subscription cost

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What is Twitter Blue and what are its benefits?

It is Twitter’s premium service that, according to official information from the same network, will provide some extra features in exchange for a monthly fee.

This modality, thanks to its function of Scroll, it could be ideal for users who do not enjoy advertising or commercials. In this way, Twitter Blue allows the possibility of eradicating those ads that are sometimes a distraction for the user.

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In addition, it offers the option of “collections”, which consists of the creation of lists with our favorite accounts, to be able to save and organize the favorite tweets to read them later. It will also include a much more agile access to messaging, such as with the bookmarks lists of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

what is Twitter Blue and what are its benefits

Cancel tweets!

Another detail that seems fascinating about Twitter Blue is that with the subscription to the service it is possible to cancel tweets with a margin of between five and thirty seconds after they have been published.

On the other hand, users can access the “blogger” function, which consists of sending information in newsletter to have the most relevant information at hand.

what is Twitter Blue and what are the exclusive functions

How much does a Twitter Blue subscription cost?

The cost of this service is $ 2.99 per month, which is equivalent to about 57 pesos. If you prefer to continue using its free version, remember that you have this social network included in an unlimited way with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, while you browse with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

Now you know what the functions of Twitter Blue are and what the monthly fee is to be able to enjoy the service.

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