What is the story of the famous girl from the WhatsApp stickers?

Imagine WhatsApp without stickers It is almost impossible, since their arrival they have made the most fun conversations and have become one more way of expressing what we want. In addition, there are endless stickers on WhatsApp, but recently a cute Korean girl became the protagonist of the app. Do you know its history?

The story of the famous Korean girl on WhatsApp - Hello Telcel blog

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From Instagram celebrity to the most popular girl in stickers by WhatsApp

Lohee is the new sensation of WhatsApp, better known as “Jinmiran Baby”. He is barely four years old, but his friendly gestures and tender moments have enchanted the whole world. And it is that his particular face reflects much of what most people want to say on WhatsApp between friends and family.

Jinmiran Baby, the cute Korean girl who is now famous for her WhatsApp stickers - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Instagram @jinmiran_

The story of Jinmiran Baby In social networks it began at the end of 2019, when her mother created an Instagram account especially for her and her little sister Romi. Over time they began to gain thousands of followers, since the photos they share are really funny, full of witticisms, laughter and even tantrums.

It was only a matter of months before Lohee’s fame spread around the world and she became famous. stickers from WhatsApp. Also known as stickers, which have been part of many conversations in the application and there is even a great variety that the most fans seek to collect.

Lohee, the new sticker sensation on WhatsApp and its history - Hola Telcel blog
Photo: Instagram @jinmiran_

Thanks to the popularity of Lohee’s gestures, both she and her sister are already considered South Korean celebrities. Their success has led them to participate in television shows and their shared Instagram account is where you can follow their daily adventures with their family.

How to get the stickers of Lohee, the cute girl from WhatsApp?

The funniest stickers of the cute Korean girl you can find them in Sticker.ly, an app from which you can download packs full of stickers and what can you find in Google play or in App Store. You just have to write from the search engine “Korean girl”, “Jinmiran Baby” or “Little Lohee” to get the best stickers.

Sricker.ly app to download the best stickers of the Korean girl for WhatsApp - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Google Play

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Now tell us, did you know the peculiar story of the famous girl of the stickers? What is your gesture that you like the most?

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