What is the meaning of “pipipi” in WhatsApp and how can you use it?

For some time users in social networks and especially in conversations of WhatsApp have used the termpipipi” to the surprise of the vast majority. You probably already know what it means, but if, on the contrary, you are in the dark regarding these new terms, at Hola Telcel we will explain what it is.

There are many expressions that are read on social networks and, sometimes, some take a long time to get used to them, or they use them casually in their conversations without knowing their origin very well.

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Such is the case of the new expression “pipipi”, which by understanding and in practice is used to express sadness. Probably, by joining these two points, some light bulb lit up in your mind. And you will be surprised to know that, in fact, you are not as wrong as you thought. If the first thing you thought of was The Chavo of 8you are right.

The origin of “Pipipi” on WhatsApp

Its popularity began above all as an expression in ordinary conversations. But its context happens every time the person wants to express sadness or disappointment. It can be written in two ways WhatsApp: so much “pipipi” What “pi pi pi”, with spaces.

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As we discussed, the origin of the “pipipi” comes directly from the comedy series The guy from 8. Although many might believe that the new generations have little idea of ​​​​such a program, it seems that everyone has wrongly assumed it.

In the series, our dear Chavo del 8 (played by Roberto Gómez Bolaños) cried with the expression “pipipi” every time some character hit him, or every time he made a mistake. Therefore, the transcription of him in conversations is exclusively to express regret towards a certain situation.

The expression Pipipi comes from the popular series El Chavo del 8-Blog Hola Telcel

The expression recently became popular thanks to Dota 2 players. In the gamer world there are various forums and links streaming where the players share a game, each one from their home. In these chat rooms the strangest expressions and the “pipipi” is the most recent.

Apparently the players from Peru were the first to start using it. Every time a foul or bad play was committed, the streamers They used the “pipipi” to generate empathy among his followers.

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That’s how they said followers who watch and follow them through networks like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, took the expression to other places until it became more or less popular.

Thus, slowly but surely, the “pipipi” came to WhatsApp to become a new expression. Now that you know how to use it, you’ll need to be careful who you send it to. Or before sending it, you could explain to your contacts that when they receive a “pipipi” from your side, all you are looking for is to get a little understanding and comfort.


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