What does the red dot heart emoji mean in WhatsApp?

Among one of the qualities of WhatsApp that many love to enjoy, there is the great variety of emojis that the social network has. On average there are more than five hundred options with which you can express different ideas and complement conversations. However, there are emojis that stand out from the rest, like the classic heart with red dot, but Do you know what its real meaning is?

Besides being one of the most popular emojis, the heart with red dot It is also one of the most recent emoticons that have been added to the platform, this considering that the rest of the hearts emerged alongside the original emojis. However, very few have wondered its meaning until now, and here we reveal it to you!

What is the meaning of the red dot heart emoji?

According Emojipedia, the world’s official emoji encyclopedia, the red dotted heart, better known as “Heart exclamation” in English, it serves to express the affection of one person towards another effusively. Its function is similar to the exclamation point and it means something like: “Want to the extreme and with emphasis”.

But as you may have noticed, the use of emojis on WhatsApp or on any social network is not subject to rules. Anyone can use them in their own way and taste, for that reason there are those who have linked the red dot heart emoji with donating blood. While some others compare it to the “Sacred Heart of Jesus”, a religious symbol.

Heart emoji with red dot, real meaning according to Emojipedia - Hello Telcel blog

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This means that its meaning does not affect the way users want to use it.

“Heart exclamation” one of WhatsApp’s favorite emojis

The Heart Exclamation, was approved by Unicode many years ago, in the 1990s, however, its original name was “Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament”. But it was not until 2015 that it was added to the Emoji 1.0 collection, to be able to use it on any social network, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

Now you know, if the red dot heart emoji is one of your favorites, remember that it also works to exclaim your feelings in a more striking way. And, if you are just discovering it from your collection of emojis, do not hesitate to use it and take advantage of that with your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills You have unlimited social networks and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

The red dot heart emoji was created to enthusiastically demonstrate a person's love for another person - Hello Telcel blog

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