What are the new Netflix prices in Mexico?

netflix prices

Netflix announced that it will once again modify its prices in Mexico as of November 2021, the rates will be modified

In a surprising way Netflix announced that it will return to raise your prices. Starting this November, users will pay other figures in their standard and premium plans.

“The price of the Basic plan will not change, since we want to continue offering different plan options, ranging from 139 pesos per month, so that people can choose the cost that best suits their budget”


In less than a year and a half the streaming platform it has raised its prices twice. In June 2020, the service adjusted its rate after the Congress of the Union approved a tax for platforms.

However now Netflix He justified this new price increase with the improvement in the consumer experience.

“We will update the prices of the Standard and Premium plans, to continue investing in new series and movies, as well as in our platform”

These are the new costs of Netflix packages

  • Basic (one screen): 139 pesos.
  • Standard (two screens): from 196 to 219 pesos.
  • Premium (four screens): it goes from 266 to 299 pesos.

These new prices will apply both to users who already have an account, and to those users who want to purchase the service for the first time.


Before i know increase your price, users will receive an email informing them of this new modification.

  • “These prices apply to new members and will gradually go into effect for all current members. Existing members will be notified by email 30 days before their plan price changes, unless they change plans ”

With this price change, Netflix pledged to continue improving its content to offer new proposals to its users.

  • “We understand that today there are more entertainment options than ever and that is why we are committed to continuing to improve the experience of our members”

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