What are the most popular apps to clean Windows?

So that your computer always has the best performance it is necessary to clean Windows and in this way save space on your disk

With the Home Office people were forced to use their personal devices in order to fulfill the needs of their work, yet most of them are missing optimized to fulfill all functions.

Windows It is the most used operating system worldwide, however if it is not clean followed, it can affect the team performance.

When you first install the operating system, users can enjoy all its tools without presenting any problem. But with time and use it is normal for its operation to relapse.

Duplicate files, applications that are not used but that take up disk space, temporary files, old documents, etc., make it become more slow the team.

Windows offers its ‘Disk Cleanup’ to restore your system, however there are Applications that helped to clean equipment. These tools allow you to delete temporary files, empty the Trash, uninstall applications and games, etc.

Here are the most popular apps for clean windows


For several years it has become the app most popular for clean windows. At present, you can download CCleaner for Windows, macOS and Android. It has a paid and free version.


By purchasing the free version, users can perform a windows scan in search of elements to eliminate and thus gain space and optimize the system.

With CCleaner you can uninstall applications, delete temporary files, simplify the list of programs that start when you turn on your computer, etc. The paid version adds automation to these tasks.


Is a app open source that helps users see what content and files can be removed to save space, it also serves to Windows perform better and protect your privacyd.

You can delete the caches, cookies, histories and temporary files of Windows and web browsers and other applications. It also has secure erase for certain files and rewrites empty space.


One of its features is that you can delete specific files from Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, LibreOffice, GIMP, Transmission or VLC. BleachBit can be used in Windows or Linux.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Free app that allows maintenance in Windows: clean browsing history, defragmenting hard drives, deleting temporary files.

You can do a manual cleaning or it can be scheduled to do the actions on a certain day and time. It also makes it easy to find large and unnecessary files from Windows.

Wise Disk Cleaner


Is a cleaner for windows, Linux and macOS open source. Its mission is to find all kinds of files for you to delete.

Duplicates, empty folders, large files, temporary files, broken files. Give users the option to delete, keep, or send them. One of its characteristics is that in addition to clean windows allows you to organize your photos or movies.


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