What are the brands and phones that are most counterfeited?

cell phones that are falsified the most

Every year companies launch new smartphones with great features, however the models are also counterfeited

The industry of mobile devices is the most competitive worldwide, that is why companies strive to present Models that can meet all the needs of people.

In addition to the functions, trademarks they also care about offering a good price. However, the smartphones I also know they falsify. Many times they are sold without people knowing that it is not a original cell phone.

The software analysis firm AnTuTu revealed that from March 2020 to February 2021, 572,303 have been identified fake phones in China. These data represent 4.24% of all phones analyzed by this software during the past year.

Discover the mobile brands that are most counterfeited in the world

The Chinese media CNBeta published a report revealing which brands and phones are most counterfeited?

Brands that are most counterfeited

First of all, you will find Samsung. The brand’s models are the most popular they falsify worldwide representing 34% of those found by AnTuTu.

Manzana it is in second place with 13%. They follow him Huawei with 8%, Xiaomi with 7%, Honor which represents 5% and OPPO with the same percentage.

It is not something strange that Samsung be the brand with phones that are most counterfeited since in 2020 it remained the company that sold the most cell phones worldwide with 253 million units.

Manzana Y Huawei They are the second and third brand that sold the most phones in 2020, so it is logical that they also occupy those positions in the counterfeit market.

What models are the most counterfeit?

According to the surprising medium, the model that is most falsified is not from Samsung, since it is the Huawei P10 with its more than 66 units false identified. This model was launched in 2017 and still remains one of the most popular.

Models that are counterfeited the most

In second position is the iPhone X, which was also launched in 2017, while in third place is the Galaxy S9 + which went on sale in 2018.

“Of the 10 most counterfeit models, Samsung has 5 phones, Huawei and Vivo 2 models each and Apple a single iPhone”

In this it was revealed that models with 5G technology They are the most difficult to counterfeit as criminals often use old Mediatek processors such as the MT6735 or the MT6737.

So with the new models that have been launched on the market, users will be able to identify if they are fake.

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