What are the 12 new WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts for?

They save us valuable time and stay ahead of the curve, which is why we love hacks. We tell you what are the 12 new WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts for that the app published recently.

new WhatsApp keyboard shortcutsShortcuts for different versions of WhatsApp

With combinations of two, three and up to four keys, these shortcuts are useful and specially designed for the messaging application in all its versions.

Both the desktop version, which helps us to communicate quickly when we work on the computer; as for its web version. Also, these shortcuts benefit both Mac and PC users.

new WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts

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What are the new WhatsApp shortcuts for?

The different shortcuts that WhatsApp shared have diverse and multiple functions: open our profile, search the list of chats, open a new chat or archive it, mark a message as unread, delete a chat or silence it. As well as return the space, highlight chats with a pin, search for specific information within a chat, create a new group or enter the options menu.

new WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts

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In this publication they shared these four images, which include the shortcuts that you have to try according to the version of WhatsApp you use.


new whatsapp shortcuts

Desktop application for Windows

new whatsapp shortcuts


what are the new whatsapp shortcuts for

Mac desktop version

what are the new whatsapp shortcuts for

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Now you know what these new shortcuts work for, save a lot of time and focus on your messages. Do not forget to share them with your friends and live this new experience with your keyboard.

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