Ways to reuse your natural Christmas tree

2021 is over and with it the holidays. One of the things we should focus on is removing the decorations, for this we ask ourselves the question: what to do with the Christmas tree? To who Hello Telcel we tell you the ways to reuse your natural Christmas tree.

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Some options to avoid throwing your Christmas tree in the trash

Donate it to the little birds

Birds do not celebrate Christmas, but they love the month of January, because they use the strong branches of the pine to make their nests, so you can leave it outdoors so they can take all the twigs they need. They will thank you!

Bird making its nest with pine branches;  an alternative not to throw your Christmas tree in the trash - Blog Hola Telcel-Blog Hola Telcel



There are several collection centers in charge of recycling natural Christmas trees, they even carry out collection brigades to make it easier for us to remove it from our homes, the idea is that they do not end up on the street or in the garbage, since the collected pines are reused in the production of compost, which helps new pine trees grow just as beautiful as the one you have at home.

Christmas cup holder made with the trunk of the Christmas tree, recycling options - Blog Hola Telcel

Cup holders

If you have the necessary skills and tools you can convert the trunk of your Christmas tree in multiple rustic cup holders to put on your coffee table, so you can avoid those annoying watermarks while having coffee with your visitors.

Photo: Christmas glass holder-Blog Hola Telcel

Christmas ornaments

The Christmas it doesn’t have to end for you little tree, cut the longest branches and tie them together to create a crown, add a little wood varnish to give it a better finish and durability for the next Christmas. You can also rely on other natural elements such as pineapples and chestnuts, and other merely decorative elements, such as ribbons or bells.

Rustic Christmas decorations.  Creative options for not abandoning your Christmas tree - Hello Telce BlogRead: 5 ways to take care of the environment thanks to technology

Now that you know these incredible ideas, tell us which one was your favorite and share the photos and videos of the new use that you give to your Christmas tree in Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, with which you have unlimited access to these social networks browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

And you, which option do you like the most?

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