vivo Y53s, design and features you will love

alive Y53s it stands out with its original light reflections, there are 2 colors available, blue and black, it also has many qualities that will surely make you love it immediately.

Let’s start with the processor, which is the component that gives life and intelligence to the smartphones, and in the case of alive Y53s it is a powerful MediaTek Helio G80 that has eight cores or brains to manage practically all the components of the equipment (from the camera and the screen, to the battery).

vivo Y53s, design and features you will love

Improved gaming performance

The video games in smartphones they are the most complex applications and, therefore, the ones that require more resources and power to work properly. A processor like the MediaTek Helio G80, by being able to run games practically gives you the guarantee that they will be able to run your favorite application, regardless of whether it is for your social networks, your school, your work, for video conferences or simply to watch videos or listen music.

In addition, with this device you will be able to open many applications at the same time thanks to its 8 GB + 4 GB RAM memory (extended by software) so that all your programs run very smoothly and you have an excellent user experience. The vivo Y53s also features 128GB of storage so you can store plenty of apps, videos, movies, music, and all the documents you need to take your digital life with you anytime, anywhere. If that’s not enough for you, you can expand the storage up to 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) by using a microSD card.

The screen of this equipment measures 6.58 inches and its technology is LCD FHD +, with which you will notice that the fluidity in the videos and in the displacement of the screens is very good.

the vivo y53s has a powerful MediaTek Helio G80 processor for video games.- Blog Hola Telcel

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High quality video and photo

The front camera of this equipment is 16 megapixels, while the main rear camera is 64 megapixels, accompanied by a 2 megapixel camera for macro photos and another 2 megapixel camera that is responsible for measuring depth and this way to get great photos for portraits with effect bokeh.

The alive Y53s offers you a large number of effects and functions in these sections. Thanks to the quality of its cameras and its MediaTek Helio G80 processor, since it has advanced Artificial Intelligence functions to recognize objects, scenes and thus choose the best camera parameters immediately so that you can obtain the best image without having to worry about adjusting the parameters necessary to take a great photo.

achieve the most impressive selfie with the live y53S!

Thanks to all these functions and its Helio G80 processor, the vivo Y53s is very good to take selfie backlit. It has a super night mode for selfie and low-light photos that increases the sensitivity of the camera and allows you to get better images.

But if you are an expert in taking pictures, you can also use the ´’professional mode’ and adjust all the details of the camera yourself so that you get the images just the way you want them. A team with very versatile functions, without a doubt, and that is very useful for different types of users.

For video, this equipment offers you a digital stabilization that will allow you to record videos of very good quality and with very little movement. With a little practice, in a few hours you will be able to take videos of almost professional quality, smooth and with excellent image and stabilization.

The video function also allows you to record in slow motion and fast motion. With this you have more options to take your creativity to the maximum and that you do not have any limit even to add music, so your videos will look more professional.

With the new vivo y53s it is possible to take professional photos thanks to its camera system.- Blog Hola Telcel

safety and battery

So that only you have access to your phone and its information; The vivo Y53s has a side fingerprint reader and face unlock. Both work very quickly and securely so that your data is in good hands.

As for its battery, it is 5,000 mAh and with the Helio G80 processor. Its duration is of the first level, since the processor is in charge of managing the applications and making them consume the minimum of energy while they are not being used. In addition, you don’t waste power and at the same time you have all the processing you need as soon as you decide to use your phone again.

And thanks to its 33-watt fast charge, the Y53s can recover enough power in a few minutes.

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