vivo patents a smartphone with a flying camera

flying camera

It was revealed that the Chinese manufacturer vivo registered a patent that shows a cell phone with a flying camera, it is a drone that could take aerial photos

In mid-June it was revealed that the Chinese manufacturer alive would come to Mexico to compete in the market for smartphones. Although its official entry will be on July 15, the company revealed that it hopes to be a great option for Mexicans.

“Mexico is of great relevance for vivo, due to its growth and increase in the number of smartphone users. We want the Mexican market to know our technology, our philosophy and live the complete experience of the brand “

It is expected that alive present in Mexico several of its most outstanding models. Including your flying camera smartphone.


Reports indicate that the company registered last December a patent that shows a cell phone that hides a removable drone with which users can take aerial photos.

The LetsGoDigital site discovered the World Intellectual Property Organization patent and showed the flying camera smartphone under the heading of “electronic device”.

The images show what a normal cell phone looks like. But at the bottom it would have a removable module that is hidden inside the equipment.

This module is actually a drone miniature that functions as a flying camera. Since it could be detached so that the user can take aerial photographs.

The equipment works thanks to its system of four motors that are distributed throughout the module. It also has three infrared proximity sensors.

flying camera

The flying camera I would use two image sensors, one placed in the middle, while the other will be in the front.

It is not specified in the document, but it is assumed that the control of the device will be through the smartphone, and even “Air Gestures” support is mentioned.

In accordance with alive would function independently of smartphoneas it has an extra battery.

It should be noted that at the moment it is an idea so it is unknown if it could reach the market.

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