Vivaldi 4.0 comes with built-in translator, beta versions of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader

The release of the new version of Vivaldi 4.0 for both desktop and Android has been announced, this new version of the browser comes with a built-in translator as the main novelty, in addition to including the beta versions of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader, with which it is intended that the browser is the all-in-one of the main tasks performed by the netizens.

For those who are unfamiliar with the browser, they should know whate is being developed by the forces of former Opera Presto developers and aims to create a customizable and functional browser that preserves the privacy of user data.

The main features include that it is based on the Chromium engine and count with one ad and tracking blocker, note managers, history and bookmarks, private browsing mode, end-to-end encrypted sync, tab grouping mode, sidebar, configurator with many settings, horizontal tab display mode and test mode built into email client, rss reader and calendar.

Vivaldi 4.0 main news

In this new version of the browser Various built-in functions are presented of which the developers highlight that They have added the ability to choose when installing the necessary browser settings. There are three available options: minimalist, classic or productivity. With this the user has the opportunity with one click to select the number of functions visible in the interface, which is required to work. Unused functions are hidden in the browser interface, but can be easily activated when required.

Regarding beta functions that are presented in Vivaldi 4.0 we can find an integrated mail client, which is available to organize work with mail directly in the browser and offers a large number of functions to manage multiple accounts. A single message database allows you to quickly find and sort letters based on various parameters.

Another new feature is a news client (RSS) which is integrated with the mail client, with it users can not only subscribe to the feeds of their favorite websites, but also has the ability to subscribe to podcasts and YouTube channels and the reproduction of content is done using the browser itself.

Finally we can also find a calendar planner Within the beta functions, this provides tools to manage appointments, events and personal tasks. The calendar has a large number of settings that allow you to adapt its interface to your needs as much as possible.

As for the main novelty, it is the built-in translator, which allows you to translate complete web pages in automatic and manual mode. Currently support more than 50 languages, in the future it is planned to increase to 100 the number of languages ​​supported. The translation engine is being developed by Lingvanex, while the entire part of the translator’s cloud is hosted by Vivaldi on its own servers located in Iceland. This solution allows you to get rid of the surveillance of large companies offering machine translation.

In the mobile version by Vivaldi 4.0 for Android also adds a built-in web page translator. In addition, it has appeared support for third-party password managersAs well as the ability to switch search engines directly in the browser interface with a single tap.

Finally, if you want to know more about it, you can consult the following link.

How to install Vivaldi on Ubuntu and derivatives?

If you want to try this browser to give it a try, you can only do it by getting its deb package that it provides us directly from its official site, you can buy it from this link.

After downloading it, you only have to install the package with your preferred package manager or the other method is through the terminal.

To do this, we just have to open the terminal and position ourselves in the folder where it was downloaded and execute the following command:

sudo dpkg -i vivaldi*.deb

With this, the browser will be installed, you just have to go to your applications menu to run it.

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