Visions, the franchise comes in anime form to Disney +


LucasFilm unveiled the trailer for Star Wars: Visions, a series with nine shorts created by seven different animation studios coming to Disney +

One of the most successful and long-lived franchises is Star wars, its developers continue to improve their product and have presented a new series that delves into the world of anime.

LucasFilm released the trailer for Star Wars: Visions, series with which it is hoped to give a new vision to the history of the Star wars. It will be something completely different from what has been seen so far.

Star wars visions

On September 22, it will premiere in Disney + this version that will feature nine shorts created by seven animation studios different.

The studios have had complete freedom. So it takes place at different time points, in addition to not adhering to the official timeline.

  1. Kamikaze Douga – The Duel
  2. Geno Studio (Twin Engine) – Lop and Ochō
  3. Studio Colorful (Twin Engine) – Tatooine Rhapsody
  4. Trigger – The Twins
  5. Trigger – The Elder
  6. Kinema Citrus – The Village Bride
  7. Science Saru – Akakiri
  8. Science Saru – T0-B1
  9. Production IG – The Ninth Jedi

The renowned characters will arrive in the form of Japanese animation in Star Wars: Visions. It is expected to bring more freshness to the popular franchise created by George Lucas.

This anime version is a tribute to the franchise created by George Lucas

James Waugh, who is Lucasfilm vice president for content and strategy for the series, noted that the anime studios They have given a unique version to the story that has been created over the years.

“Every ‘Star Wars: Visions’ story is told with a freshness and voice that expands our understanding of what a franchise story can be”

Star Wars Visions Disney

Through a statement, James Waugh stressed that Star Wars: Visions pays tribute “to a galaxy that has been a great inspiration to many visionary storytellers.”

Star Wars: Visions is part of the strategy of LucasFilm to carry the history of the Star Wars to television.

The best example is the series’The Mandalorian‘, the first non-animated television production of Star wars which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Star Wars: Visions It is not the only story to be had of the Star Wars in Disney +Well, Star Wars: The Bad Batch also came to the platform.

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