Virginia offers 240 thousand pesos to anyone who wants to move and work from there

Are you still doing home office? Maybe many of your friends too and they are already living where they always dreamed and best of all, without having to quit their jobs! Virginia offers $ 12,000 to live and work there with more compensation in the middle.

Many of us have wanted to live in another country, yet our routines have prevented us from doing so. The new work modality for many companies is teleworking, since for many jobs it is enough to have a stable Internet connection to be able to carry out our work, right?

Virginia offers $ 12,000 to live and work there

Ascend WV Program

Is about Ascend WV that launched West Virginia, a remote work program that offers up to 12 thousand dollars – equivalent to 241 thousand Mexican pesos – to people who decide to move to the Appalachian mountains in the state of Virginia.

In addition to this figure, the program also includes benefits such as shared workspaces without a cost for access; as well as a community center in the heart of the participating cities.

Virginia offers $ 12,000 to live and work there Ascend wv

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Other compensation offered

In addition to these benefits, the program offers one year of outdoor recreation at no cost to those who move to the so-called Mountain State; free outdoor gear rental, plus a $ 2,500 trip.

In the labor aspect, it offers the opportunity to attend networking events and the ease of obtaining the remote work certification through the University of West Virginia.

Move to a great place where remote work is easy and adventure awaits. (Oh, and get paid $ 12,000 + free outdoor recreation) ยป, it reads in the description of this offer.

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Which are the requirements?

First of all, you need to be over 18 years old; that you already have a job, which you can carry out without problem remotely. You must reside outside of West Virginia.

In addition, you will need to obtain the necessary permits to work legally in the United States. And finally, have the possibility to move within the next six months after acceptance, in case of being chosen.

Ascend WV Virginia ProgramHow to apply to live in Virginia?

The easiest thing will be to apply from your computer. For this, remember that to surf at all times you can hire Internet in your Home with Telcel, which gives you the best connectivity, More Data for your home and speed to enjoy #TelcelLaMejorRed from your computer with the greatest Coverage.

Once you connect to the Internet, enter the program’s site, click on Apply Now (apply now) and follow the steps. It will take you about half an hour to fill out the form with some questions about your personal data and your work.

Ascend WV program to live and work in virginiaNote that the offer currently open is to reside in Morgantown, but other locations such as Shepherdstown and Lewisburg will open soon.

The Ascend WV program is supported by a $ 25 million grant from West Virginia native entrepreneurs Brad D. Smith and his wife Alys Smith.

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According to the Ascend site, so far this offer is considered the first of its kind because it is the most generous; So now you know, as long as your work allows it, dare to live a new experience in a place surrounded by adventure and nature.

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