Videomass, a cross-platform GUI for FFmpeg and youtube-dl

about videomass

In the next article we are going to take a look at Videomass. This is a cross-platform GUI designed for FFmpeg enthusiasts who need to manage custom profiles to automate conversion / transcoding processes. It is a software that will allow us to create, edit and use profiles and presets of FFmpeg.

This GUI is free software, and all the code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. Also in it we can find a variety of tools for converting audio and video, as well as an interface to download videos and audio from YouTube and other sites, thanks to youtube-dl.

General characteristics of Videomass

videomass interface

  • It is multi platform and it works on Gnu / Linux, FreeBSD, MacOs and Windows with the same native appearance of each operating system.
  • Allows the batch processing and advanced record management.
  • Offers multi-language support (en, it, ru, nl, pt), among which Spanish is not found.
  • We will can drag and drop to add multiple files simultaneously.
  • Fully customizable presets and profiles. It will give us the possibility to create your new presets and profiles from scratch.

ffmpeg options

  • It has useful presets to get started.
  • Supports all formats and codecs available with FFmpeg.
  • It has useful tools for quickly get information about the FFmpeg used, in addition to having auto-detection when starting the program.

ffmpeg detection

  • Possibility for configure video filters.
  • We will also find advanced audio filters for volume normalization in PEAK, RMS and EBU-R128.
  • Capacity for analyze and apply volume normalization to certain audio transmissions.

av conversions

  • Duration and search are set with sliders. The timeline It has a screen to view the time selection.
  • Us it will allow adding several URLs simultaneously for downloading. We can download several URLs from YouTube and more sites (more than 200).

quality selection youtube-dl download

  • We will find four download modes: Default (choose between ‘better’ or ‘worse’ qualities), download split audio and video, download audio only (allows you to choose several formats), or download videos and audio by ‘format code’ with audio combination.
  • Shows the separate download statistics (only with youtube_dl library).
  • possibility of download all playlists from any url.

download video youtube-dl

  • We will can add metadata to the file.
  • Ability to keep the youtube-dl backend updated (depends on configuration).

These are just some of the features that this program offers. They can consult all of them in detail from the project website.

Install Videomass on Ubuntu

We can find a package available for Ubuntu, but it is not included in the official repositories. Instead, we can install this software from developer’s PPA. To add it to our list, we just need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the command in it:

add videomass repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jeanslack/videomass

After updating the software available from the repositories, we can now install the package:

install videomass

sudo apt update; sudo apt install python3-videomass

After installation there is only find the launcher to start the program.

app launcher


In order to delete repository that we have used in the installation, we will only need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the command:

remove ppa

sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:jeanslack/videomass

Now for delete the program, in the same terminal it is only necessary to execute:

uninstall as apt

sudo apt remove python3-videomass; sudo apt autoremove

Download as AppImage

If you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you can also use this program as AppImage. The developer provides such a package in the program releases page. All we will need is to download the AppImage file, either from the browser or by opening a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and using wget to download the latest file published today:

download appimage from videomass


Once the file is downloaded, we only have give you the necessary permissions. We will achieve this with the command:

chmod a+x ./Videomass-3.4.2-x86_64.AppImage

Then we can launch the program by double clicking on the file or by typing in the terminal:

launch appimage


Videomass is a utility that can be of interest to FFmpeg enthusiasts and especially to those users who want to download videos from YouTube and other sites. While I’ve been testing it, this and the other features have worked fine. I have to say that I had to install youtube-dl with pip for it to work correctly on my computer. For more information about this program, users can go to the project website, to its repository on GitHub or his Wiki.

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