Video game that would help cure the aftermath of Covid-19

EndeavorRx video game

EndeavorRx was developed with the aim of detecting attention deficit in children, however it could help treat the sequelae of Covid-19

EndeavorRx was launched in 2020 with the goal of helping children ages 6 to 12 with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

“Through various games, simultaneous sensory stimuli and motor challenges designed to target areas of the brain that play a key role in attention function are used.”

After the pandemic by the Covid-19 it was discovered that EndeavorRx could help heal the aftermath of coronavirus.

How could the video game help to cure the aftermath of Covid-19?

Faith Gunning, a neuropsychologist for Weill Cornell Medicine, is using this videogame to find cognitive problems in older adults after having passed the coronavirus.


“We do not believe that everyone who is recovering from COVID-19 requires cognitive intervention. But there is enough information to suggest that a significant number of people who have suffered from COVID-19 will have cognitive problems “

In the study it is detailed that EndeavorRx can help treat memory and attention problems in some people who have suffered from Covid-19.

For this research, adults between 18 and 89 years old who were diagnosed with coronavirus and that they have already recovered. But they present some cognitive problems.

“A video game is also scalable. It is something that can be given to many people. We need information that we can gather from the community. Even if it is a small number of people who have Covid-19 “

EndeavorRx covid

So far the research is under development so more is unknown about the study and the help it could provide EndeavorRx to heal the aftermath of Covid-19.

It is hoped that conclusive results can soon be obtained on the use of the videogame in older people.

It should be noted that the videogame, created by Akili Interactive, made history by becoming the first game to gain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be prescribed as an adjunctive medical treatment for children ages eight to 12 with ADHD.

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