Very resistant Garmin smartwatch now discounted and with free shipping

The model we are talking about is the Garmin Instinct Tactical, a device that has a very interesting finish among what is not missing protection additional (allowing you to be compatible with the military standard 810) for the dial of the device and a strap that is as resistant as it is suitable to avoid unwanted opening problems thanks to its traditional buckle closure. Obviously so that you forget when you wear it when going on adventures, it does not lack protection against the Water With which you can easily withstand the sweat to bathe – withstand 10 atmospheres – in a river without worrying about anything.

Garmin Instinct Tactical smartwatch in black

With a screen divided into two sections of 23 x 23 millimeters (and that has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels), you can be sure that you can see all the information you need on a day-to-day basis without any problem, even when the sunlight is very intense. It is important to indicate that this is monochrome, but that this is a minor detail considering the main functionality that this Garmin smartwatch has. Something that we think is quite relevant in this device is that the weight it has, despite its highly protective structure, is only 52 grams so it is practically hardly noticeable that it is being worn.

Take advantage of an offer rarely seen

The truth is that this is a model that very rarely can be found on sale, especially without leaving home. The fact is that at this time you can save 49.01 euros, which is a 17% less than you usually have to pay for it. The truth is that it is an excellent option as a smartwatch for adventurers. In addition, it is important to indicate that right now you don’t have to pay anything for shipping costs which increases the attractiveness of the offer we are talking about and that you can take advantage of in a very reliable way using the link that we leave below:

Important options of this Garmin smartwatch

Apart from indicating that the color of the model being promoted is black, the synchronization through technology Bluetooth that is done with mobile phones is very simple and offers compatibility with both the Android operating system and iOS. Besides, among the sensors that you will find inside this wearable, it should be noted that it includes an accelerometer, altimeter, thermometer, gyroscope and even the heart rate itself so that you have everything you need to know when you go out to practice sports controlled. or take a walk in the country. Besides, it does not lack a useful GPS.

Garmin Instinct Tactical smartwatch on the ground

Apart from everything indicated so far, the Garmin Instinct Tactical has a large number of functions that make it a fairly complete model. Apart from the usual ones of a smart watch, we must add the possibility of knowing all the specific details of the distances that are traveled, through viewing the notifications that arrive on the smartphone and, even, checking that the challenges set are met when a task is completed. exit.

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