Very light LG laptop with a great offer and free shipping

One of the things that make this team different, which is the LG gram 14Z990-V, is that it has a weight that can be classified as ridiculous. This stays in only one kilo of weight, making it as convenient to carry around as tablets. Therefore, without a doubt this is one of the best laptops you need to work outside the home. Another thing that stands out in this device is that its finish metal It is attractive, and it has a high-quality keyboard and also includes a large touchpad.

LG gram 14Z990-V gray

Another of the good details that this LG laptop has is that it offers excellent autonomy. So much so, that with regular use 14 hours of use are exceeded, a brand that is available to very few models today and that for us is a very clear reason for buying. And, as it cannot be otherwise, the operating system it uses is Windows 10, so you will not have any problem always finding the software you need and, in addition, the use of the equipment is very intuitive.

Don’t miss out on the offer for this LG laptop

This is something that we recommend if you are behind to get a new equipment and, also, that you do not let too much time pass in deciding on the purchase, since the validity time of the offer is limited. The point is that the discount that exists in Amazon is from 14% compared to what you usually have to pay, which means that you save 200 euros. A good deal for a laptop of undeniable quality. We leave you the link where, if you have a Prime account, you don’t have to pay anything for shipping home.

Power to give and take

The truth is that there is nothing you cannot do with this LG gram 14Z990-V, since running video editing applications is possible to achieve it with excellent fluidity and, in addition, everything that has to do with office automation is enjoyed with great ease. This is achieved because the combination of processor and RAM is correct, since what is inside this computer is a Intel Core i7-8565U and 8 GB, respectively. Therefore, it has everything that can be needed to achieve a great user experience.

LG Gram laptop touchpad

This LG laptop does not lack some additional options that are remarkable, such as that its internal storage is type SSD, allowing Windows to start in a matter of seconds, and that the disk capacity reaches the 256 GB. More than enough. On the other hand, it should be noted that there are no cracks in connectivity, since it includes Dual Band WiFi to access the Internet and, in addition, it has several USB ports and one HDMI to connect the equipment to a monitor or Smart TV. Obviously, it does not lack Bluetooth either.

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