Very complete Huawei smartband with a great discount on Amazon

The truth is that this model lacks practically nothing, since for example it includes a screen In which you can see important information (such as the summary of the physical activity you do and even the messages that reach the synchronized smartphones). This component is in black and white, and the truth is that it has a good detail that it can be seen perfectly outdoors, since its brightness exceeds 200 nits. By the way your weight is below 50 grams, which ensures great comfort when using it.

Huawei Band 2 Pro smartband screen

Among the things that stand out about this complete smartband, which despite being a step below the best on the market offers full functionality, is that it has waterproof. This is five atmospheres, so you will not have any problem when it comes to wearing it when you go swimming in the pool (and, neither, with the usual sweat when you exercise). Another thing that is interesting is that the belt that includes, that can be changed, has a button closure. This offers a high reliability and comfort, since in a matter of seconds you can put on and take off the wearable we are talking about.

Excellent compatibility on this Huawei smartband

This is because it uses connection Bluetooth to sync with phones, something that allows it to be an option to use for models that include iOS and, also, for those who do the same with Android. In other words, it can be said that it is possible to use this accessory with 100% of the terminals on the market. In addition, there is an application to manage everything that is done with the Huawei Band 2 Pro, which can be downloaded in the official stores of the aforementioned operating systems, and without having to pay anything for it. That is, in this section zero doubts.

Sensor of the smartband Huawei Band 2 Pro

Good discount to buy this bracelet

The one that exists in Amazon right now reaches the 38%, which means that you only have to pay 19.90 euros to have this device at home … a most attractive figure to which we must add that if you have a Prime account of the aforementioned online store, you do not have to add anything to take it home. With many positive options, such as allowing you to control the quality of sleep, we left the link purchase that you have to use from your computer or mobile device so as not to miss the opportunity we are talking about.

A couple of details before finalizing: the autonomy It is spectacular in this model, since it can be used during 21 days without having to recharge it, something that is not available to many of its rivals in the market. And, the second detail is that this model has all the necessary sensors so that the exercise data that is acquired is reliable … and it should be noted that this Huawei smartband includes Gps, something that is differential.

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