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In the following article we are going to take a look at how we can install UrBackup on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This is an open source and easy to configure client / server backup system which, through a combination of image and file backups, achieves both data security and fast restore time. As indicated on the project website, the same instructions can be followed for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 and any other Debian-based distribution such as Linux Mint.

The data of any organization is very important. This is why backing up your data is even more important to keep it safe in the event of any disaster. UrBackup is a powerful and free network backup solution for personal or business use.

The program offers a good handful of functions available in the backup software. Among them we will find a web-based interface to manage all backups. It can be installed on Gnu / Linux, Windows, and many Gnu / Linux-based NAS operating systems.

General characteristics of UrBackup

  • It allows backup files, full and incremental images. Entire partitions and individual directories can be saved.
  • We will have clients for Gnu / Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.
  • Quick calculation of file tree differences leads to very fast incremental file backups.
  • Only used and modified hard disk sectors are transmitted during a backup incremental image.
  • It allows backups of images and files while the system is running.
  • The same files on different computers are saved only once. This means that less storage space is required on the server for backups.
  • Customers can change their settings, such as the frequency of backups or the number of backups, and they can view the log files of their backups.
  • We will have a web interface that displays customer status, current activities, and statistics. This allows the administrator to change backup settings and override client settings. You can browse existing file backups, extract files from these backups, or start restore processes.
  • The reports on backups they can be sent to users or administrators.
  • It allows safe and efficient backups on our own server via the Internet, if the customer is not currently on our local network.
  • A backup file metadata, such as the time of the last modification.
  • Offers ease of configuration and access to file backup.

These are just some of the features of the program. They can consult all of them and its limitations on the project website.

Install UrBackup on Ubuntu 20.04

The first thing we must do is make sure all packages in our system are up to date. To do this we will execute in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) the commands:

sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

By default, UrBackup is not available in Ubuntu’s default repository. For this reason we will install UrBackup-server using your official PPA. To do this in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) we will use the command:

add UrBackup repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:uroni/urbackup

After updating packages available from the repositories, we can now install UrBackup server:

install urbackupserver

sudo apt install urbackup-server

During the installation, it will ask us to configure the UrBackup-server. We will have to provide a backup storage path as shown below.

urbackup storage

After installation we can start the UrBackup service with the command:

start urbackup server

sudo systemctl start urbackupsrv

In addition we can also enable it to start on system reboot.

sudo systemctl enable urbackupsrv

Access to the UrBackup-server web interface

When everything is installed correctly, to access the web interface, we will only need to open our web browser and access using the URL http: // ip-address-of-your-server: 55414. On the screen we should see something like the following:

web interface

Now we have access to the user interface without giving any username and password to login. We must create an Administrator user from the web interface as shown in the following screen.

create administrator user

Similarly, we can modify other settings to make changes according to our own needs for backups.

UrBackup backup settings

Add a new backup client

add new customer

To add a new client for the backup on the UrBackup server, we will need Click on Add a client that connects over the Internet or is behind a NAT. We will have to enable the Internet mode from the settings and give it the name of the FQDN or IP of the client’s host, to finish by clicking on Add customer.

add client to urbackup

After adding the client, we will get the installation instructions from the customer.

installation instructions

After installing these packages, run the following command to check the status of the customer service.

customer service status

systemctl status urbackupclientbackend

In case of any problem, take a look at your records in the file ‘/var/log/urbackupclient.log.

What we have seen so far is just a start in this service. For To obtain additional information or useful information on the use, it is advisable to consult the official Web site, the documentation about the project or your Wiki.

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