UP’s Puppy Collar Tech Comes to CES 2021

If you ever saw the movie Up: a high altitude adventure from Pixar, you surely remember Dug, the funny golden retriever who spoke the language of humans through a special necklace that translated his thoughts into voice. Although it was an animated film, it seems that this technology could very soon become a reality. Within the framework of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 a collar with AI capable of translating the emotional states of your dog through its barking has been presented. You will finally understand your tenderloin!

How does the doggy smart collar work?

The smart collar is called PetPuls and works with Artificial Intelligence that allows you to monitor your pet’s activities including their emotions. It has microphones implemented that will detect your dog’s barking and translate them for you. It will tell you if your puppy is happy, anxious, sad, angry, or relaxed.

  PetPuls smart collar that translates your dog's emotions

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According to Techradar’s interview with Andrew Gil, PetPuls Global Marketing Director, the collar uses a database of more than 10,000 bark samples acquired from 50 dog breeds and four different sizes.

Unlike the movie Up, it will not be a voice that translates what your dog wants to express, but the collar will send information to an app on your cell phone, which you can download using the Gigas of your Unlimited Friend of Telcel with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

In addition, this collar will tell you how active your dog has been throughout the day, since, like a smart watch, it will measure the calories it has burned.

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It is still unknown when this necklace could be launched on the market in Mexico but without a doubt we will be very vigilant to let you know. If you love your dog a lot, surely you will want to have it.

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