Upgrade your old computer with this Lenovo Legion laptop on sale

We talk about Lenovo Legion Y540, a very complete gaming laptop that you can now buy with a 15% discount to save 200 euros on this powerful model. Not enough discount for you? Well, you know that you can enjoy free shipping costs.

The only requirement to be able to enjoy free shipping costs is to have an Amazon Prime account. And taking into account that through this link you can try one month completely free of charge and without permanence, it is a bargain that you should not miss.

Lenovo Legion Y540 ventilation system

You won’t have any problem playing for hours

This is a product that boasts a very attractive design, where its finishes in noble materials together with minimalist frames so that the screen is the main protagonist. Although it is true that design is a value to take into account, we are more interested in the power offered by this Lenovo gaming laptop on offer.

We already anticipate that, as you can see later, the features of the Lenovo Legion Y540 will more than meet your expectations. In addition, there is a detail that we want to highlight: its powerful Coldfront cooling technology. We are talking about a system that incorporates the latest developments in the sector to create a dual channel thermal system.

The objective? Let the CPU and GPU be individually cooled to reach an optimal temperature level via the four built-in thermal fans. As if that was not enough, it also has a system to control the temperature of your laptop through the keyboard. Are you worried about noise? Each fan has 70 blades per channel to minimize noise levels.

Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop logo

Main features

Regarding the technical characteristics of this laptop on sale at Amazon, to say that the Lenovo Legion Y540 bets on an Intel Core i7 9750H processor, a really powerful SoC and that is accompanied by 16 GB of RAM to offer high performance, and that will allow you to run all kinds of games without any problem.

To this we must add a powerful graphics card NVIDIA Geforce RTXX 2060 6GB, a very solvent GPU to be able to enjoy your favorite games in the highest quality. To say that it does not come with any operating system installed, but it does have 512 GB of internal storage through its SSD to offer very reduced loading times.

The icing on the cake is its impressive 15.6-inch screen and Full HD resolution that is capable of working at 144 Hz so you can enjoy a visual landscape from height. Seeing that this Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop It has a discount of 200 euros, in addition to free shipping, it is clear that it is one of the best deals of the day. Don’t let it escape!

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