Under Armor headphones with a discount of 60 euros and free shipping

The accessory we are talking about has the collaboration of JBL so that the sound quality is good enough so that you do not have problems when it comes to enjoying the series you watch on the phone and when playing music (an example of their good performance is that they are able to handle frequencies that range from 20 to 20,000 Hz). The point is that the quality is pretty goodas they include diaphragms larger than six millimeters, so this is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Under Armor JBL white earbuds

These are neck-type helmets, which means that it includes a small cable that is placed in this place to achieve greater stability when using them. Therefore, if comfort is quite good, since it is also one of the options that has silicone tips so that the fit in the ear is the best possible. By the way, the model of the Under Armor headphones that is on sale is the one with color White, so it is attractive, and there is no lack of controls in a useful integrated control that allows you to manage all the reproductions.

Offer to buy these wireless headphones

Right now there is an excellent discount on eBay, since the specific savings you can enjoy is 60 euros, which means a 40% compared to the price they usually have in the market. With options as interesting as having an integrated microphone so that you can use this accessory as a hands-free device and not have to take your phone out of your pocket to answer calls, we leave the purchase link for this device (where you don’t have to pay anything for shipping) which we think is the most striking .

Things that are positive about these Under Armor headphones

One of them is that the autonomy responds without any problem regarding what is needed by the users. We say this because with only one charge it is possible to achieve more than ten hours of use without having to look for any plug. Therefore, they are more than enough to finish a training session or a competition in which you have to run a good amount of kilometers. By the way, if you wonder about the weight of this accessory, this is located below 50 grams. Priceless, therefore.

Headphone knob Under Armor headphones

To finish commenting positive things about these Under Armor headphones, something that should not be forgotten is that this is a model that has resistance to sweat and splashes of water, so it does not have any problems with the rain. This ensures excellent durability. In addition, its compatibility with devices iOS and Android it is excellent as it uses Bluetooth as its wireless connection interface.

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