UNAM launches app against Covid-19 for the next back to school

UNAM covid

To reduce Covid-19 infections, UNAM launched an application that seeks to reduce the risk of infections among its students

After it was revealed that the back-to-school process would begin, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) presented a app that seeks to reduce the risk of contagion Covid-19.

‘UNAM Salud covid-19’ has the objective of take care of health of students now that they have to return to face-to-face classes.


“With the app we have information that precedes risks: we can know before they occur if infections are increasing. We can make decisions at that time before it is reflected in cases in our community, “Gustavo Olaiz, Center for Research in Policies, Population and Health (CIPPS) of the Faculty of Medicine, told Efe.

Although the UNAM He assured that he will not return to work until all his personnel are vaccinated and the traffic light is low. The launch of the app is a measure to take care of its community of about 350 thousand students.

How does the app work?

When entering, users must answer a questionnaire of 67 questions of “dynamic, accessible and easy to fill out screening”.

“Users must have their student or worker number at hand to be able to register. If you are a visitor you can use the RFC “

Unam app

Based on the information provided, the results will be given in the form of a traffic light.

“Green if everything is normal but you must not lower your guard, yellow stay home, orange stay home and give yourself medical follow-up by phone and red go to the hospital or call 911”

According to its developers, the app provides different benefits, including allowing personalized follow-ups. It will also be possible to monitor the evolution of the pandemic among the university community.

The tool of the UNAM It also generates statistical data that allow us to know the health of the students.

«We will see to what extent it is acceptable and where it is not. We are not going to return without risk, it will not happen, but we can control it, “said Olaiz.

It is available for both ios as for Android.

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