Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker 50% off

The bluetooth speakers They are one of the most fashionable accessories nowadays, since they have become the best way to share and listen to music when we go out of the house, in family gatherings, friends, parties, etc. Its bluetooth connectivity allows them to be easily synchronized with the mobile to play our favorite music directly from the mobile on the speaker. An ideal complement to take to the field, the pool or the beach.

Resistant to all kinds of shocks and submersible in water

Now, if we are thinking of buying a bluetooth speaker to carry it around all day, then it is best that we choose a model that is easy to transport and that offers good resistance to shocks, falls and water. In this case, we are lucky to be able to buy what for many is one of the best bluetooth speakers with resistance to water and shocks, the Ultimate Ears Winderboom. A model in high demand and that we can now find at a real bargain price.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker

It is a really waterproof small speaker, so it is possible to use it while taking a shower, going to the pool, the beach or on rainy days. A model that has also been shockproof made, since it supports falls from a meter and a half in height. As far as water resistance is concerned, just indicate that this speaker is submersible in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and that is also protected against ingress of dust.

The Ultimate Ears Winderboom is a mini speaker with Bluetooth connectivity that offers a sound with very balanced bass and completely surround, since it produces a 360 degree sound Very powerful. As if that were not enough, it is possible to pair two speakers and enjoy stereo sound.

In addition to having a very compact size, it has a loop that allows us to carry it hanging on any bag, backpack or even on the bike or scooter. It is compatible with any smartphone, tablet or device with Bluetooth and has a battery that gives this Ultimate Ears Winderboom great autonomy. So much so that it offers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge. For recharging, you only need a cable with a microUSB port and the charger to plug into the power.

Ultimate Ears Winderboom bluetooth speaker at 50%

The official or recommended price for this Ultimate Ears Winderboom bluetooth speaker is 99.99 euros, but thanks to the offer we currently find available on Amazon, it is possible to get it at a bargain price. Specifically, the discount applied by the online shopping giant is fifty%, which allows us to buy it from half price.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker

Yes, you read that right, at half price. From the following link it is possible to buy the speaker at a price of 49.99 euros with a delivery time of just one day and free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. Although it is available in several colors, the model on offer is black.

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