Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 Impish Indri week arrives with / e / in Waydroid

Ubuntu 20.04.3 with Waydroid

This week Canonical has launched the Impish Indri family (10/21). Before, after or at the same time as the official flavors, the unofficial ones have also been released, such as the Cinnamon and Unity, but there is a different project that is underway than the one that I was personally expecting to launch its own 21.10. The thing is, this flavor is not delivering normal cycle releases, rather it is building on Focal Fossa, the latest LTS. Thus, a few hours ago He has launched Ubuntu Web 20.04.3, and it has come up with an important novelty.

This “Web” is intended to be an alternative to Google’s Chrome OS. Although the browser’s desktop operating system is not on the same level as a 100% Linux, it does offer possibilities, such as the ability to run Android applications. That’s what Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 promises, since Waydroid has been included.

Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 improves support for Android apps

This version includes ‘/ e / en WayDroid’. WayDroid is a popular new alternative to Anbox and we have ported / e / 10 to it, along with creating a tool to manage it. So, in addition to the PWAs from the / e / webstore, you can now use native performance Android o / e / apps (unlike Anbox) from the / e / shop also on Ubuntu Web. After installing the ISO, you just have to launch the application ‘/ e / en WayDroid’ from the launcher and follow the steps. You will need a real machine (not a virtual machine) for WayDroid to work.

Important the last: will not work in a virtual machine.

Although Anbox has been in development for quite some time, it doesn’t work as well as it should on any Linux distribution. Waydroid aims to improve things, and it is expected that sooner rather than later it will be easier. If it does not end up being, Ubuntu Web 20.04.3 onwards will allow us run Android apps after zero install, and taking into account that you can also install software from repositories, can be good choice as main system.

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