Ubuntu: they receive a complaint for downloading it by torrent

Ubuntu Pirate

In the last hours, something is making the news because it seems strange. I don’t know: imagine that a friend sends you a VLC DEB, you download it and, a short time later, Movistar sends you a notification saying that you have violated copyright. But if VLC is FOSS (free and free)! What are you talking about? Something like that is what share a user on Reddit, with the differences that what he downloaded was Ubuntu and the medium was the Torrent network.

To be more specific, what you downloaded was Ubuntu 20.04.2, which is the most up-to-date ISO of the latest LTS version of Canonical’s system. The problem, which shouldn’t have happened, was that he downloaded it using a torrent network which can be used for both legal downloads, like many Linux-based system ISOs, and illegal ones. In the link above these lines the capture of the DMCA notification is attached, where it puts the downloaded file, the date, the type of violation (P2P), the method (Torrent network), the IP and who reports, specifically the OpSec Online Antipiracy.

Ubuntu asking for copyright?

Another problem, which shouldn’t be either, is what is Ubuntu. Because most of us have known that word for being the one that gives the name to an operating system, but it is a African word that gives name to a philosophy, as we can read in Wikipedia. There is also a music group that uses their name, so an automated system could have linked Ubuntu + P2P and resolved that the user was downloading illegal music.

Personally, I think the same as many on the internet, which is basically a “WTF” like a cathedral. There may have been some fault or misunderstanding, but it keeps going through my head that this also has another intention, that of going viral and that regulators of downloading protected content think “I have to be careful that they are watching me.”

Be that as it may, I think too exposes OpSec Online Antipiracy and you have to send him another message: “you don’t know what you’re doing.” They are good to look for the “Sec” (of security) of anybody.

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