Ubuntu Studio 21.04

The update round should probably have started with this one, the multimedia edition of Ubuntu. Well, not really, since she is not one of the most important in the family, but she would be the one that could have put the music to the party. Jokes aside, it’s now available Ubuntu Studio 21.04, which is the second edition to use Plasma after leaving XFCE six months ago, so the flashy changes aren’t that big of a deal.

Due to the change of desktop, the team of developers of the multimedia edition of Ubuntu advises that it will not be able to update from Ubuntu Studio 20.04, it is something that they do not or will not offer support for. They do say that they support uploading from Ubuntu Studio 20.10, but users of the latest LTS version will not be able to update officially.

Highlights of Ubuntu Studio 21.04

  • Supported for 9 months, until January 2022.
  • Linux 5.11.
  • Plasma 5.21.
  • Taking into account that the most important thing about this flavor are the applications that it includes by default, we have to mention the new versions:
    • Ubuntu Studio Controls has been renamed to Studio Controls 2.1.4. Among its new features, Firewire support has returned and many bugs have been corrected.
    • Session Manager 0.2.1, with its classic interface.
    • Ardor 6.6, soon 6.7.
    • RaySession 1.10.1.
    • Hydrogen 1.0.1.
    • Carla 2.3.
    • jack-mixer 15-1.
    • lsp-plugins 1.1.29.
    • New plugins: add64 (3.9.3), geonkick (2.3.8), dragonfly-reverb (3.2.1), bsequencer (1.4.2), bslizr (1.2.8) and bchoppr (1.6.4).
    • Krita 4.4.3.
    • Blender 2.83.5.
    • Darktable 3.4.1.
    • Inkscape 1.0.2.
    • Caliber 5.11.0.
    • Scribus
    • OBS Studio 26.1.2.
    • Kdenlive 20.12.3.
    • GIMP 2.10.22.
    • MyPaint 2.0.1.

Ubuntu Studio 21.04 It is now available, and like the rest of the siblings of the Hirsute Hippo family, it can be downloaded from cdimage.ubuntu.com (soon it will from official website of the project) or update with the command sudo do-release-upgrade. As always, it is worth backing up all important files before doing so. And for Focal Fossa users, I would personally recommend waiting for the next LTS version, as installing on top of Hirsute Hippo with an installation USB can lead to many future problems.