Ubuntu Mate 21.10

Impish Indri’s releases are already official, which means not only that we can download their ISO images, but they have published them on social media and their release notes are now available. One of the first in doing it has been the flavor developed by Martin Wimpress, that is to say Ubuntu MATE 21.10. Like the rest of the components of the Ubuntu family, it includes shared novelties, such as the kernel, but others more its own, such as the graphical environment.

Ubuntu MATE 21.10 uses the graphical environment MATE 1.26.0, but share other software like kernel, Linux 5.13 in all cases. The release note mentions many of the benefits of the new desktop, including some in the control center. In addition, there are also new versions of applications, and you have the most interesting changes below.

Highlights of Ubuntu MATE 21.10 Impish Indri

  • Linux 5.13.
  • Supported for 9 months, until July 2022.
  • Control center improvements:
    • The Window Preferences dialog has been improved with a more complete presentation of window placement and behavior options.
    • Display preferences now have an option for discrete screen scaling.
    • Power manager has a new option to enable keyboard dimmer.
    • Notifications are now hyperlinked.
  • Box can format drives and has a new Bookmarks sidebar.
  • Box Actions, which allows you to add arbitrary programs to be launched through the context menu, is now part of the Desktop.
  • The calculator now uses GNU MPFR / MPC for high precision, faster calculation, and additional functions.
  • Pen has a new mini instant overview map, a grid background to turn Pen into a notepad, and preferences have been redesigned.
  • Lectern is much faster when scrolling through large documents and memory consumption has been reduced.
  • Engrampa, the file manager, now supports EPUB, ARC and encrypted RAR files.
  • Marco, the window manager, correctly restores minimized windows to their original position and thumbnail window previews support HiDPI.
  • The Netspeed applet displays more information about your network interfaces.
  • RedShift is back.
  • Firefox 93.
  • Celluloid 0.20.
  • LibreOffice

Interested users can now download Ubuntu MATE 21.10 from the project website.