Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04

Last Thursday, April 22, Canonical launched the Hirsute Hippo family. As we mentioned in another article, the official flavors are 8 after the return of Ubuntu to GNOME, the departure of Ubuntu GNOME and the arrival of Ubuntu Budgie, but the family will almost certainly grow. What is brewing are Ubuntu Unity and UbuntuDDE, who have already released their April 2021 version (here and here), but also a cinnamon edition that a few moments ago announced the arrival of Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04.

In other editions, this distribution has arrived before the official versions, as Unity did this Thursday, but this time they had a problem with who provides the hosting service, so they have been delayed just under two days. But it is never too late if happiness is good, and Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04, which continues to add Remix’s “last name”, has come with improvements such as Cinnamon 4.8.6.

Highlights of Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04

  • Linux 5.11.
  • Supported for 9 months, something they do not mention, but it is logical.
  • Cinnamon 4.8.6:
    • Fixed a small security issue where the screensaver would crash when using special characters.
    • Hibernate suspension has been implemented.
    • A handful of fixes to the grouped window list.
    • Fixed issues with the menu search mechanism.
    • Virtually all other applets have stability fixes, such as securing network connections and icon fixes. There is also a new favorites applet that you can use that is also implemented in Nemo.
    • Ported to a newer and more maintained version of mozjs (52-78). This way you get closer to GNOME and this can fix any problem if it arises.
    • Flatpak integration has been improved.
  • Nemo 4.8.5:
    • Files up to 64GB can now be previewed.
    • Support for favorites.
    • Stability fixes for everything.
  • Own Cinnamon environment: They have branched the Yaru theme and recolored it into Yaru-Cinnamon (as Yaru-MATE). They use # DD682A and a brown color to give a nice theme. There are some changes with fixes that need to be made to the icon theme, but those may be delivered later in the stable version updates.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 21.04 can now be downloaded since Sourceforge Y Google drive.