Ubuntu 22.04 with accent color

Whenever I touch Windows, which although it’s not much, I do share computers and have a virtual machine in case I need it, the first thing I do, if they allow me, is to set the dark theme and the accent color to red. I don’t like Windows with blue or white interface at all, but I can stand red and black. Accent color is available on some Linux-based operating systems, and it is being debated whether Ubuntu 22.04 will introduce this novelty.

Jammy Jellyfish, codename for Ubuntu 22.04, will be an LTS release. Although they release a “new animal” every six months, it is in April of even-numbered years that they put the most meat on the grill. One of the novelties that could arrive next April is the possibility to choose the color of the emphasis or accent. The best way to understand what it is and how it works is to watch the video they show at this link: In addition to changing between light and dark mode, you can now choose that special color that we will see, for example, in the file manager folders. The demo is done on Ubuntu 21.10.

Ubuntu 22.04 will arrive on April 21

Since ubuntu-22.04 doesn’t come with GTK-4/libadwaita based applications, I asked in the telegram group about the possibility of having something like that for ubuntu 22.04 and @elioqoshi suggested opening a thread to have a better discussion with others as to whether implement this or not.

That yes, as we read in what is quoted above these lines, in Ubuntu 22.04 GTK4 will be used little or not at all, and this of the color of the accent or emphasis is now debating. It may not be available in the final version of Jammy Jellyfish, but the proposal is on the table. As they always do, Canonical will only add it to the next LTS version if it can contribute something without bugs, or else they will already implement it in Ubuntu 22.10 KAdjective KAnimal.