Ubuntu 21.04 will use GNOME 40 apps and GNOME 3.38 environment

Ubuntu 21.04 with GNOME 40 apps

At the beginning of the year we informed you that the next version of the system developed by Canonical would arrive with less news than expected. Although GTK 4.0 has long been released, GNOME 40 is still a few days away in its stable version, and Mark Shuttleworth and his team believe that not everything looks as good as it should. For that reason, they had decided that Ubuntu 21.04 I would use GNOME 3.38, but it seems that it won’t be quite like that.

This information comes to us from 9to5Linux, and, not being part of no official statementKeep in mind that they may eventually reverse. But the truth is that, right now, the Daily Build of Ubuntu 21.04 has updated some of its applications to the latest versions, which are preliminary to GNOME 40. And, in the same way that KDE is a project that includes different types of software, GNOME is also made up of the desktop, applications, and libraries, among others.

Ubuntu 21.04 will arrive in April, and what you will use for sure is Linux 5.11

According to Marius Nestor, who has been using Hirsute Hippo for months, the applications that have been updated to GNOME version 40 so far they are the calculator, the disk analyzer, Disks, Evince, the font viewer, Eye of GNOME, the system monitor, Seahorse, Sudoku, the character app, Yelp and GVFS. Other GNOME 40 apps are also available from the Ubuntu 21.04 repositories, such as Evolution, the clocks app, Robots, Epiphany, and Boxes.

We reiterate that Hirsue Hippo is currently in the development phase, and that phase has not yet reached the role freeze. Therefore, this could be just a test, but Canonical’s concern is rather that something fails, including the design, so if the applications look good, and without touching the graphical environment, it is a real possibility.

What is clear and confirmed is that Ubuntu 21.04 is the next version of the system, which will use Linux 5.11 and the April 22.

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