Ubuntu 21.04 will allow us to drag files to the desktop

Ubuntu 21.04 allows you to drag files to the desktop

A couple of years ago we wrote an article about an absence that we thought was a bug. And it is that, from Disco Dingo, Ubuntu users cannot drag files from / to the desktop, something that I personally use a lot and I find it a nuisance. A nuisance that I do not suffer because I use KDE, but the problem is not with the Canonical system, but with GNOME. In any case, it seems that Mark Suttleworth and his team think it is somewhat useful, and will make changes to return the old behavior in Ubuntu 21.04.

I wouldn’t be being fair if I didn’t mention that I found out about this change thanks to Joey Sneddon from OMG! Ubuntu!Since, as I said, I use KDE, both on my main laptop, as well as on a USB with Manjaro and on my Raspberry Pi, where I also have the KDE version of the Arch Linux-based distribution installed. Currently I also don’t have a development version virtual machine, so I can’t see the changes introduced very soon, and one of them will arrive in the form of an extension: DING will be installed by default in Hirsute Hippo.

DING will be installed by default in Ubuntu 21.04

DING is the acronym for Desktop Icon NG, and it is an extension that enables the possibility of adding icons to the desktop. As we can already have icons, the possibility of dragging files to the desktop is reactivated, something that I think is very good news, I download everything in that folder and all the temporary files, like the ones I use to create images, I manage them From there.

The option is enabled by default in the latest Ubuntu 21.04 Daily Build. To configure its behavior we have to right click on the desktop and choose “Preferences”. DING also allows us to delete the personal folder and the desktop trash, among other things.

Ubuntu 21.04 will be a normal cycle version that will be supported for 9 months. It will arrive with Linux 5.11 and GNOME 3.38, although the applications will be from GNOME 40. Its launch is scheduled for April 22.

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