Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo

On October 28, shortly after the launch of Groovy Gorilla and as usual, Canonical announced the name of what would be the next version of Ubuntu. The chosen name of the animal in v21.04 is Hirsute Hippo, and at that moment we started to imagine how furry that hippo would be. We no longer need to imagine, because the company run by Mark Shutleworth already has made known the Ubuntu 21.04 wallpaper, and, well, he does have hair.

I can’t say that the default background image in Ubuntu 21.04 is something I would have imagined. I had thought that it would be more like a hedgehog, but with an image serious enough to be in a version of Ubuntu. What Canonical has chosen is simply a hippo who seems to have forgotten to wax. Hair has, but more than a sloppy mane, which is how I would have imagined it, what it looks like is something like the legs of someone hairy.

Ubuntu 21.04 is coming in less than a month

The design hasn’t changed from Bionic Beaver, or Cosmic Cuttlefish, as Ubuntu 18.04’s beaver was on a more orange background. Since 18.10, the fund is already more purple and in it we find the animal in fine lines. As for a long time, it is also available in a grayer version. The hippo in Ubuntu 21.04 continues this trend, and is not as “cool” as the Groovy Gorilla who even wears sunglasses. We see it in what appears to be a hole, but what it really is is that it is submerged in water.

This is what many consider the first important final step, or the one who starts the party of a new release. Next will be the launch of the beta, at which time testing Ubuntu 21.04 will be more secure.