Personal folder in Ubuntu 21.04

Since the end of September, Canonical is developing the next version of its operating system. The first thing they usually uncover is their code name, and Ubuntu 21.04 He will use Hirsute Hippo’s. At the beginning, and as usual, what they put at our disposal was a Focal Fossa on which they were going to make all the changes, and those changes are arriving more frequently a few months after the launch of the stable version.

Until now, when there are still a little less than 4 months to land, we know little news. It is true that we know that you will use Linux 5.11 and GNOME 40, which is not little, but there are still many details that will be revealed in the coming weeks, such as one that They have published minutes ago and it will improve the privacy of the operating system. Specifically, the novelty that they have promised us is that only the owners of a personal folder will be able to see its content.

Ubuntu 21.04 will arrive in April with GNOME 40

Just to continue this thread, since there was no opposition to this proposal, I have uploaded updated shadow and adduser packages to hirsute-proposed to support setting home directories mode to 750 by default when created using adduser or useradd.

Until now, / home directories were created with permission level 755, which means that anyone who starts the operating system can access other users’ folders. Although some thought it was a bug, it was actually a philosophy: Canonical thought that users of the same computer / operating system should have the possibility to collaborate, but they have changed their way of thinking and that will not be possible, or not the same way, as of Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo; the directories will be created with the permission level 750.

Ubuntu 21.04 will arrive with the rest of the Hirsute Hippo family on April 22, 2021.