Uber and Lyft Rides: What You Need to Know

The incentives are starting to take effect, according to Gridwise, a service that helps workers keep track of their earnings. Rideshare earnings have risen steadily this year, rising to $ 25 an hour in May from $ 18 an hour in January, Gridwise said.

The higher salary seems to be enough to tempt some drivers to return. While the number of drivers is still below pre-pandemic levels, Gridwise estimates it is down just 11 percent, an improvement from the 25 percent deficit in January. Uber also said the total number of price hikes was declining after a spike in March.

“When employers say they can’t find the workers they need, always add the phrase ‘to the wage I want to pay,'” said Heidi Shierholz, policy director at the Institute for Economic Policy. “We know how to attract workers, give them better jobs, better wages, better working conditions. It is not an exact science; This is how you do it. “

But customers are eager to get back to fast, cheap travel. In Miami, Lima said he expected the company to keep prices low while trying to get more drivers back on the road. “Keep customers happy,” Lima said. “At least with the price.”

For now, he said, it is not practical to use Uber as it once did due to the price increase. Rather than a daily profit, he said, Uber is likely to become a wasteful item.

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