Typora, a nice and powerful markdown editor in beta version

about Typora

In the next article we are going to take a look at Typora. This is a markdown editor that offers the user a perfect experience as a reader and as a writer. This program removes the preview window, makdown source code syntax symbols, and all other unnecessary distractions. Instead, it provides a real live preview feature, to help users focus on creating the content.

It is a Markdown editor and reader with support for MathJax, which is also extremely powerful. It makes sure to provide a smooth and distraction-free experience, both when writing and when reading, not forgetting to include a good handful of useful options for all types of users. For users who are used to writing in a Markdown editor or another language that shows the code on one side and the preview on the other, Typora will be a very nice option.

Typora is a markdown-based writing application that seeks to stand out for two reasons; Distraction-free markup language auto-preview and simple typing.

Typora working

As with other minimalist editors concerned with eliminating distractions, Typora hardly shows elements on your screen beyond the cursor that indicates where we write, to which it adds different modes to further avoid distractions.

General characteristics of Typora

Typora preferences

  • The program that can be installed for free, even though it is in beta. This means that the development team continues to work on a stable version of the program that meets the minimum standards of functionality and quality that they set for themselves. Despite being in beta, the editor is fully functional.
  • This available for different platforms.
  • The program uses the focus mode, which helps users focus only on the current line, blurring the others. In addition we can also use the typewriter mode, in which the currently active line in the middle of the window is always kept.

distraction-free mode

  • Typora allows users to manage files easily, providing both a file tree pane as side pane with current article index. This allows us to manage the files easily. We can organize our files in our own way, including the synchronization of services, such as Dropbox or iCloud.
  • This program will also give us the possibility of importing and exporting. They can export or import to different formatsincluding docx, OpenOffice, LaTeX, Epub, etc.
  • We will be able to know how long we have been writing thanks to word count. The program will show us the number of words, characters or lines.
  • Autocomplete brackets and quotes like a code editor. Additionally, there is also an option to automatically match markdown symbols.

install dictionary

  • The program will allow us to use different languages, and their corresponding dictionaries.
  • We can establish custom themes, fully configurable using CSS.
  • Dispose of keyboard shortcuts, although as indicated in Ubuntu by default they do not work.

These are just some of the features of the program, you can consult all of them in detail from the project website.

Install Typora on Ubuntu

Using the repository

Ubuntu users can install this program by adding the repository offered from the project website. In order to add the PPA We just need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and start executing the commands:

add repo typora

wget -qO - https://typora.io/linux/public-key.asc | sudo apt-key add -

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb https://typora.io/linux ./'

After adding the repository, the update of the software available from the repositories will begin. When it ends we can install the program using this other command:

install with apt

sudo apt install typora

After the installation, we can find the program launcher in our team to start it.

typora launcher

Using your snap package

Another possibility of installation will be to use the snap package that can be found in Snapcraft. In a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) you just have to type the command to start the installation:

install with snap

sudo snap install typora

After installation, we can now search for the program launcher on our computer to start it.

Using your flatpak package

We can also install this program using its corresponding flatpak pack. If you use Ubuntu 20.04 and you don’t have this technology enabled yet, you can follow the guide that a colleague wrote a while ago.

When you can install flatpak packages, in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) you only need run the install command:

install as flatpak

flatpak install flathub io.typora.Typora

Once the installation is finished, we can search for the program launcher on our computer, or we can also start running in terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) the command:

flatpak run io.typora.Typora

The program Typora seeks that users write fast, and that we do not waste time with other things. You can learn more about this program by consulting the project website wave documentation.

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