Two YI Indoor Surveillance Cameras on Sale with Free Shipping

An idea that many may have in mind, and you can be one of them, is to increase the security you have in your home without having to resort to external companies. One of the ways that exist with accessories that allow you to see an image of what happens in your home at all times and, this, is just what you can get now taking advantage of a good offer to get two YI surveillance cameras.

There are several virtues that you will find in this product, one of which is the one used Wifi to be managed which allows you to see at any time and place what is happening in your home as long as you have an Internet connection. In addition, everything is managed through the use of a very simple application that is available for free for both the operating system Android as for ios. This allows from seeing in full screen what the camera in question acquires; going through being able to take a photo; And there is even the possibility of creating a video so that there is always a record of what you are watching.

white YI surveillance cameras

Detail that we believe is very important in these YI surveillance cameras is that the resolution offered by the sensor they integrate is of 1080p, so we speak of a very high quality when it comes to seeing everything very defined on the phone screen (especially if it is also Full HD). With a design finished in plastic and that has a very firm base that allows you to place the accessory practically anywhere, always indoors, since we are not talking about models designed to withstand inclement weather, there is the possibility of storing it in its own product by using microSD cards that have a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB.

An offer that is irrefutable

We say this because right now you can get a set with two cameras for a price of only 34.49 euros, which is a 28% concrete savings compared to what you would normally have to pay on Amazon. In white colors with black elements to make the products you buy striking, it is important to note that the angle of view offered by these IP cameras reaches 110 degrees, which is more than enough to have good panoramic views of the rooms in the rooms. that are placed. We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the discount without having to pay anything in the case of having a Prime account.

Some more things about these YI surveillance cameras

One of the ones that we think is basic and that will surely convince you is that this is a model that has so much night vision, which allows you to see with enough quality what is happening at home, even if you have the lights off. Also has Motion detection so you can configure the application so that if something happens in front of the camera it “wakes up” and starts recording at the same time it sends a notification so you know that something is happening at home when maybe it shouldn’t be.

YI Surveillance Cameras Application

Also this product has two-way audio, so you will also listen to everything that happens and at the same time you will be able to talk with the people who are at home if you need to (for example, it is to tell a child to stop doing something). With many possibilities such as power program hours of operation, the truth is that we believe that this is a more than interesting opportunity.

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