Two Huawei Bluetooth speakers on sale now for only 37 euros

The promotion we are talking about consists of two Huawei Mini CM510 color green And it is what has to do with the design, this is quite attractive. The reason for saying this is that its appearance is shaped like a cylinder allows you to grip it with great comfort and, in addition, it is important to indicate that the weight of each of the two included in the offer is only 101 grams. The latter, together with the fact that they have a cord Hanging virtually anywhere (such as in your backpack) makes these excellent travel companions.

Green color Huawei Mini CM510 Bluetooth speaker

One of the advantages of buying this pack, which is on sale in the eBay store, is that it is possible to combine them when playing all kinds of music so that you get a quality stereo that you are sure to appreciate now enjoying your favorite songs. All this is achieved without having to put any cable through, since technology is used Bluetooth both to synchronize the accessories we are talking about in this way and, also, to be able to use them with mobile devices such as phones or tablets. This also ensures that its compatibility is excellent.

Important things about these Huawei Bluetooth speakers

One of those that we believe is essential is that these devices offer high resistance both to possible impacts and to water, since in the latter case they include compatibility with the standard IPX4. In this way, you should not be afraid of taking them to the pool or you will find rivers on that walk that you plan to take through the countryside. In addition, it should be noted that each of the two speakers we are talking about includes an information LED that allows you to visually know the state in which they are (such as whether or not they are synchronized).

Huawei Mini CM510 USB

A good discount for the Huawei Mini CM510

Nothing less than 49% is what you will save If you decide to make the purchase right now in the store that we have mentioned before, which means that you get the two Huawei Bluetooth speakers paying only 27.50 euros, a figure that can almost be considered ridiculous. With a power of 3 W including a passive radiator At the bottom to ensure a fairly good sound quality, we leave the link that you have to use to get this set right now that we think is very interesting.

Finally, we must comment that these Bluetooth speakers of good quality and small dimensions have autonomy you can reach until four o’clock with its 660 mAh battery at full capacity. A fairly correct brand and it should be noted that charging is done using a USB cable, so it does not offer any complications.

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