Two former WhatsApp employees create ad-free app


New competition arrives for WhatsApp because HalloApp was created, a free and ad-free application that is available for iOS and Android

The messaging apps They have achieved great popularity, although there are several in the market, new ones who seek to have a place in this highly competitive sector are constantly arriving.

Recently launched HalloApp, a social network whose main differences are that it is free and Whithout ads. Its creators are two former employees of WhatsApp, so it comes with high expectations.

“We want to build a simple, safe and private place for people to share the content that matters to them, with the people who matter most to them.”

HalloApp app

According to the first reports, Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue witnessed the change of WhatsApp, when it was purchased in 2014 for $ 22 billion.

Arora served as business director of WhatsApp until 2018, while Donohue was director of engineering until 2019.

Imagine that your friends online were your real friends. Imagine that your feed was not full of people and posts that you did not care about. Imagine scrolling through significant moments and seeing what you really wanted to see, not what the algorithm wanted you to see. Imagine not being treated like a product ”, mentioned Neeraj Arora.

HalloApp is a mix of private instant messaging and social networking.

How does HalloApp work?

HalloApp maintains some similarities with WhatsApp, but with the aim that users can chat with their friends without losing their privacy, since the only information it asks for is a name and phone number.

HalloApp test

All conversations are encrypted, in order to protect the conversations of its users. People will also be able to choose whether all users will be able to see their posts or choose who cannot see the information.

It should be remembered that it will be necessary to grant them access to the contacts to be able to identify those who already have this app.

Interested users will be able to download HalloApp in order to ios or Android. At the moment it has a minimalist design that is divided into 4 tabs: Home, Groups, Conversations and Settings.

Although the application is free, later they will add paid functions to keep the application afloat.

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