Twitter will now allow you to undo tweets, if you pay.

Twitter announced its first paid subscription offer on Thursday, giving users in Australia and Canada additional features like the ability to undo a tweet in exchange for a monthly fee.

The service, called Twitter Blue, will give users up to a 30-second window after posting to change their mind in case they notice a typo or reconsider a message, approaching the edit button that has been widely requested by publishers. users. It will also give users the option to bookmark tweets and organize them in folders so that they can be easily found again. And Twitter Blue will condense long threads into easier-to-read paragraphs.

Twitter, which has expanded into paid content with its acquisitions of subscription ad blocking service Scroll and newsletter company Revue, said the features included in Twitter Blue were based on user feedback.

“We have heard from people who use Twitter a lot, and we mean a lot of, we don’t always create powerful features that meet your needs, ”wrote two Twitter product managers, Sara Beykpour and Smita Mittal Gupta, in a blog post announcing the service. The new features are part of the company’s response to those complaints, they wrote.

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