Twitter will be similar to Instagram: it will give priority to images!

Twitter is one of the few platforms that still distinguishes itself by containing more content in text than images or videos. However, digital content trends indicate that users are increasingly interested in live, interactive and visual content.

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For that reason, Twitter does not want to be left behind and has implemented a series of functions to meet the needs of Internet users. The platform included stories that it called ‘Fleets’, has been developing new reactions such as ‘dislikes’ in tweets and lately it has improved its ‘Spaces’ feature, where users can have live conversations.

He does not like Twitter a possible update - Blog Hola Telcel

To this series of updates will be added the development of a new way of presenting images in tweets. Here we tell you what it is about. 👇

What will the new image design look like on Twitter?

So far, one of the main problems with sharing images on Twitter is that only a small part of them is shown in the feed. The user can only see the full image until clicking on the publication.

Twitter does not allow the images and GIFs to be fully displayed - Blog Hola Telcel

As published by Twitter Support, the images can now be viewed in full size in a format called ‘Edge to edge’ (edge ​​to edge), which is used by other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, as can be seen in the video with which they announced this new setting on the platform, the format will also be applied to videos and GIFs.

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When will this update arrive?

This tweak is part of an experimental feature, so it doesn’t have a release date yet. However, tests are already underway on iOS devices.

But it is expected to arrive soon, as Twitter has not achieved the expected success with its new implementations like the ‘Fleets’ and, after this latest launch, the developers discovered a new way to be more like Instagram.

“We are also allowed to like bigger and better photos”Twitter Support responded to the comparison.

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Despite the new formats in social networks, Twitter is still one of the ten most used applications, although it is no longer among the ten most downloaded in the last five years. In other words, it retains its users, but it no longer attracts new Internet users. So tell us, do you think you can achieve the success of your competition?

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