Twitter Spaces: What is it, how does it work and how to enjoy it?

It’s official, Twitter Spaces It is now available; the new Twitter voice chat room, inspired by Clubhouse, where users can interact with many more people and discuss one or more topics.

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The arrival of Twitter Spaces It is one of the most anticipated tools of the great social network, which has implemented certain requirements to be part of it. One of them, and the most relevant, is that to access this new Spaces site, a minimum of 600 followers will be required for the profile.

Twitter Spaces new platform to make audio rooms

According to Twitter, the new requirement of having at least 600 followers to access Spaces is to generate live conversations, a better experience and larger audiences where users can interact.

Twitter Spaces is available to users Android or ios, a platform within Twitter that you can already enjoy. So read on to learn more. 👇

What is Twitter Spaces and how does it work?

As we mentioned before, Spaces are the new chat rooms by voice or audio in real time, where users will be able to connect with more people. One of the most significant changes is that this time the profile photo of each user will change to purple to indicate that they are broadcasting live and that their followers can join.

Inside the voice chat rooms, users will be able to enter as listeners and react with emojis, tweets, direct messages and even join the conversation if the host allows it. Additionally, Spaces has built in a “raise your hand” feature to speak directly to whoever is broadcasting at the time.

Audio rooms like Clubhouse on Twitter

Tools available to Spaces hosts

Those who have at least 600 followers on Twitter will be able to create voice chat rooms, broadcasting from Spaces, where they will become hosts and have the option to decide topics, mute microphones or eliminate listeners.

They will also have the opportunity to block participants and, very soon, charge entry to their live broadcasts.

Birdies Twitter Screen

Upcoming news on Twitter Spaces

With the launch of Twitter Spaces, the company has put to work to integrate functions and tools that complement the new platform. Among these novelties, five functions stand out that could come to Spaces very soon:

1. Possibility of charging for tickets: Twitter users will be able to schedule conferences and receive earnings through the platform, which will become a more accessible method for users looking for content that they like.

Twitter Spaces conferences, schedule time and day

2. Multiple hosts: Spaces will allow more than one user to be the moderator of the Twitter rooms. The owner of the conference may delegate other users to be moderators and give the floor to the public.

3. Schedule conferences: Twitter is also working on the possibility of scheduling conferences, talks or debates in Spaces in advance and sharing with its followers the day and time the event will take place.

4. Subtitles: An option is being developed that will allow the simultaneous display of subtitles to the content or to what is being said in Spaces. An accessibility feature designed for people with hearing disabilities.

5. Content that users like: Finally, Twitter works on a mechanism within the app that will make it easier for users to find and access conferences of their interest.

Twitter new feature tool

As you will have noticed, Twitter Spaces is a new tool to enjoy your favorite content. Do not hesitate to try it and enter the voice rooms that most attract your attention, or create your own Spaces! This is how you take advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Spaces is now available, tell us if you decide to participate in a room and how was your experience. 😉

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