Twitter now allows all users to upload and view 4K images

MADRID, April 23 (2021) –

The social network Twitter already allows all its users to publish and view images in 4K resolution Through its version for mobiles with iOS and Android operating systems.

Since March, Twitter has been testing among a small number of people the ability to share 4K quality photos from their accounts, but now this feature is now available to everyone from this Thursday, as reported by the Twitter support account.

To start uploading and viewing 4K images on Twitter, users of the social media app on iOS and Android will need to access the settings and, in the ‘Data usage’ section, update your preferences to high quality.

In this sense, Twitter allows users to choose if they prefer to upload and view 4K images only when connected to WiFi networks or also using mobile data. The option to upload 4K images or publish them can be configured separately.

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