Twitter launches a new feature to protect users

We all agree that there is no situation more uncomfortable than browsing social networks and running into a troll. For that reason, Twitter has decided to take action on the matter and has created a new function called ‘Safe Mode’ that seeks to protect the user from this type of situation.Safe mode: new Twitter function to protect its users from trolling - Blog Hola Telcel

What is a troll?

Almost everyone is very familiar with the term, but if you are the exception, here we explain it to you.

A “troll” is a person who takes advantage of social networks to create controversy through negative comments or ridicule.

Twitter launches a new function that protects users - Blog Hola Telcel

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The objective of this type of user on Twitter, and in any social network, is almost always to encourage confrontation between several users, attract attention and, of course, annoy.

What is Twitter’s ‘safe mode’ all about?

The ‘safe mode’ will serve as a kind of panic button, pressing it will remove those trolls from your screen or feed from Twitter.

The social network introduced this new feature with the aim of automatically blocking abusive content on its platform, such as harmful language, hateful, repetitive or unwanted comments.

In addition, this ‘safe mode’ is intended to limit interactions that the user does not want or that are very overwhelming. It is the way that Twitter is trying to build a healthier environment for its users and to foster respect among them.

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Will there be consequences for trolls?

As in any romantic movie, we have a happy ending and that is that Twitter will temporarily block (for seven days) the accounts that publish abusive content. So no more trolling!

How will safe mode work on Twitter to end trolling - Hola Telcel blogThis type of behavior will be detected automatically and you will not be able to see the tweets of the user who is attacking or follow or contact him during that time.

Type of content that will be blocked by ‘safe mode’

  1. Potentially harmful language.
  2. Insults or hateful comments.
  3. Accounts that send repetitive and unwanted replies or mentions.

At the moment, Twitter’s new ‘safe mode’ is being tested, so it is not yet available to general users. But everyone is waiting to get it very soon.

Now that you know all about the new feature that Twitter wants to launch, we recommend that discover the Facebook function to include threads like the ones on Twitter. 😉

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