Twitter: ‘I don’t like’ button, reactions in tweets and more news!

Twitter has gained a large number of users with very specific characteristics and demands. In recent months, the company has announced a series of changes to try to meet the needs of its fans. As part of this series of updates, this morning it launched the first test to implement new reactions to tweets, including one of the most requested: the “I don’t like” button.

The new reactions for Twitter

The platform showed interest in implementing functions in which users are interested since they showed great dissatisfaction when they launched the ‘Fleets’, which will be removed as of August 3.

The new reactions for Twitter - Hola Telcel Blog

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Following the line of listening to the needs of users, has launched an ad since Twitter Support to report that some iOS devices had been selected to vote for the reactions they would like to see on Twitter. If you are one of them, you can do it by swiping up or down to vote for or against reactions like joy, sadness, hmm and hahaha.

“We are testing this to understand the types of responses that seem relevant to you in a conversation, so that we can work on ways to show more of them,” they explained at the Tweet.

Previously, a user had anticipated that reactions in Twitter they were almost ready and it seems to be a reality. Official images can only be viewed by selected users.

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Other updates and news on the doorstep for Twitter

According to the publications of a supposed designer of the platform, the company is also working on a function that allows you to choose a small group of followers to whom your tweet can reach. An option very similar to the one implemented by Instagram to share stories only with “close friends”.

On the other hand, a function is also being developed that allows you to tweet by “facets”. This means that you can create small audiences so that certain tweets are only shared with friends, coworkers, or are completely public.

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