Twinder: So you can find your other half on Twitter

Finding love in Internet times may seem like an easy task thanks to some of the apps that bring us closer to that better half, but many times among the strange algorithms or payment of fees of these applications, they do not leave it very easy. Now that seems to change thanks to Twinder, an account of Twitter who promises to help you with that crush special you have on the social network.

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Twinder the option on Twitter to find a partner - Blog Hola Telcel

How does Twinder work?

These are the steps you should follow to see if your crush from Twitter also feels the same for you.

1) You must follow the @Twintder_CDMX account.
2) Send a Direct Message to the account where you must put the @ of your crush (the person you like won’t see it, don’t worry).
3) The account will send a DM to your crush telling him that someone on Twitter is interested in him or her (but don’t worry, they won’t reveal your identity).
4) If the person is not interested in participating, they will not insist any more and will let you know.
5) But if you are interested, you will have to do steps 1 and 2.
6) If they turn out to do match, the account will let you know.

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And what to do if you already have a match?

The account of Twinder points out that from the last step on, people should get in touch on their own, so there won’t be any extra steps to take other than talking and winning over your crush via Twitter. And if you already have your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan Make the most of your social networks included, only with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed ​​to be able to find love.

So now you know, you have a new way to tell your crush what you feel and hope to get lucky. Would you dare to meet that special person for Twinder?

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