Turn your phone into a fitness trainer

The Peloton app ($ 13 a month) offers video-based workouts, and Google Fit has a curated list of free exercise videos on YouTube. For those planted in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Fitness + service costs $ 10 a month and requires an Apple Watch with your iPhone to monitor your vital signs.

Credit…Skimble; Google

Runners and cyclists who want to measure their progress should consider a variety of applications. For beginners, the $ 3 Couch to 5K app provides a somewhat immobile beginner workout plan to work your way toward a solid running routine. Runkeeper and MapMyRun use the phone’s location services to record and track routes; both are free with in-app purchases. Cyclemeter and Strava are also inexpensive apps that track running, cycling, and more.

If you want to focus on dietary adjustments – eat more protein, consume less sodium, lose a few pounds from the pandemic – and don’t want to manually record food labels, consider a dedicated nutrition app. Many of these are free to download, but offer in-app subscriptions for personalized diet planning, community support, and other features.

Credit…Lose it! / MyFitnessPal

Among the applications in this category, Lose It! focuses on calorie counting and weight loss, and you can share your data with Apple Health, Google Fit, and other apps. Lose it! It has a huge database of nutrition facts for millions of items, and it can scan package labels to add new foods. MyFitnessPal is a similar program with a database of 11 million foods, a huge online community, and the ability to sync and share data with 50 other fitness apps and devices.

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