Trojan that steals video game service accounts

BloodyStealer gamers

Kaspersky researchers warned about the BloodyStealer Trojan, which would be stealing Steam, Epic Games and EA Origin accounts

Through Internet endless of virus who seek to steal data from people or companies for different purposes. However recently the gamers by BloodyStealer.

Kaspersky researchers they discovered a trojan that steals service accounts from video game. According to experts this malware It would be affecting the Steam, Epic Games and EA Origin accounts.

BloodyStealer it is capable of “collecting and extracting various types of data, such as cookies, passwords, forms, browser bank cards, screenshots, log-in memory and sessions of various applications”.

BloodyStealer Trojan

Experts detail that gamers They are a very attractive target since most of them have linked bank details to make transactions.

The Kaspersky researchers they would have discovered it in March. It was revealed that this malware can be found on clandestine sites for $ 10 for a one-month subscription. Or $ 40 for a lifetime subscription.

Where do you get the Trojan that affects gamers?

BloodyStealer is sold on the darknet and is being used to steal the accounts of gamers. Something that was surprising is that it has features to avoid analysis and detection.

The experts detailed that it has several “anti-analysis methods used to complicate its reverse engineering and analysis, including packers and anti-debugging techniques.”


Karpesky highlighted that in the darknet you can get data from gamers at a price of $ 14.2 per thousand accounts and for 1-30% of the value of an account when sold individually.

Information stolen through BloodyStealer you can also get it on Telegram. So far, attacks have been detected in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dmitry Galov, security researcher at Kaspersky, recommended to gamers activate two-step authentication, do not open links of dubious origin and change your password constantly.

“It is clear that gaming accounts are wanted by cybercriminals. So, if you want to enjoy the games quietly without worrying about your accounts or credit in the game being stolen. Don’t stop protecting your account with two-factor authentication and use a reliable security solution to protect your devices. “

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