Tricks Apple | How to take photos on your iPhone with your voice?

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Users can now take photos on their iPhone without having to press a single button

One of the most used functions in telephones is to take Photographs. However, many times it is difficult to take the phone and press the button to obtain the image.

Some people have chosen to buy gadgets or configure their device in order to get their Photo. However, that was left behind since from the iPhone you can capture the moments without having to press a single button and just use your voice.

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For those moments when it is more important to get a good grip on the cell phone than to try to take a Photography, there is a tool on the phone Manzana that allows you to use commands with your voice.

There are some tricks in the iPhone that allow you to improve your experience with your device, whether to chat with someone, take Photographs or videos.

The CharlyPi Facebook page revealed some things that users of Manzana they can do with their teams. On this occasion they presented the way to take a photo with voice.

Take photos with your voice from your iPhone

Here is how to activate the voice command, so that with “one word” you can take a picture without having to press the screen or any other button.


  1. Select the settings icon
  2. Go to the “Accessibility” option
  3. In the “Physical and Motor” section select the option “Voice control”
  4. Check that the “Voice Control” option is activated
  5. Now, select the option «Customize command» and «Create a new command»
  6. In the sentence section, write the word «Photo»
  7. Under “action”, select “Perform custom gesture”
  8. An option “hide controls” will appear, where you must press with your finger the part where the button is where the photo is taken.
  9. In the “application” part select the “Camera” icon.
  10. Save and return to the camera to verify that it did the action.

With these actions you can take photos in you iPhone with your voice without having to use any buttons. Remember that you must speak clearly and loudly so that the command can be activated.

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